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In depth interview with “Design Pro Success Stories”

Tim goes in depth with Jeff Wortham on the creation of the firm, his educational background, licencing, and the challenges of running a firm.

Tim Alatorre is an Architect and partner in De Jesus & Alatorre Architects. They have two offices in Northern California. He is a graduate of Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and does a podcast for the Architecture department there. His Architecture firm is currently going through a growth phase as the economy recovers in 2014. The partnership does project types ranging from churches, government buildings, multi family residential, custom residential and restaurants. I thought this conversation was good from the perspective of talking to an owner that has just started to recover after the recession and showing how fast things can change when things pick back up.

Jeff Wortham,
Interview with Tim Alatorre, published May 18, 2014 on
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