Domum Plans FAQ

Which Plan Set Option Should I Choose?
Our plans come with several options to fit your specific needs.

  • PDF Starter – Choose this option if you like our design and would like the right to use it.  You can take this to another designer, architect, or engineer and have them complete the plan set, make modifications, etc.  We get that you can just send the web page to them and they can copy it, but we are proud of our designs and they are all copyrighted by us.  The PDF option lets you have a license to use the design guilt-free and helps us maintain this site and generate more great designs.
  • DWG Starter – This option is one step up from the PDF Starter.  The difference is that you’ll get DWG files which will give your designer, architect or engineer a head start by having the file in a format they can take directly into their own CAD software.
  • Construction Set – Choose this option if you are serious about moving forward and want to get things done as quickly as possible.  We’ll send you PDFs and CAD files for the set of plans you have chosen.  For more information on what’s included and what isn’t, read the next section “What’s included in the Construction Set Plans”.
  • 3D Renderings – We offer these because who doesn’t love a pretty picture?  These are 4k high res, photo-realistic images, and videos that give you a look into the future of what your ADU will look like.  If you’re not sure which ADU to pick, ordering the Virtual Walk Through Video of a few of our plans will really help you pick the perfect one for you.

What’s included in the Construction Set Plans

Our construction sets are a basic set of plans to be used by your designer or engineer to prepare the necessary documents to obtain a building permit.  All drawings are provided in DWG CAD format and can be used as base files to complete the set.  Documents include the following:

  • Floor Plans
  • Elevations
  • Reflected Ceiling Plan
  • Schematic Electrical Plan
  • Construction Details

Note, this set does not include structural plans and calculations, California Title 24 Energy Calculations, or site-specific drawings that are needed for a building permit.  For a permit ready set please include our Site Specific Plan option.

What’s included in the Site Specific Plans

Our site-specific plans package should be paired with the Construction Set Plans.  This package adds the necessary documents to obtain a building permit within the state of California.  The plans will have the stamp and signature of a licensed architect.  Documents include the following:

  • Cover Sheet and Site Plan
  • Site utility plan
  • General Notes
  • Structural Documentation as required
  • California Title 24 Energy Calculations

Certain limitations apply based on available utilities and pre-existing site conditions.  Before commencing work on your site-specific plans we will conduct a phone interview with you and perform a site audit to determine if your project is feasible.  If it is not, you will receive a refund minus a $150 site assessment fee.

As part of our services, we will either conduct a site visit (if within 100 miles of Rocklin, CA) to obtain existing site information or coordinate with you to have someone local to your site obtain the required site information.

Our site-specific package does not include additional consultants such as but not limited to: Solar Design, Fire Sprinkler Design, Landscape, Arborist Reports, Soils Reports, Civil Engineer, etc. These additional consultants may be required by the building department for submittal and will be an additional cost.

Can I use these plans for more than one property?

No, the purchase of all plans on Domum.Design grants rights for use on one property only.  If you are a developer or builder interested in using these plans for multiple properties please contact us for volume discounts.

Do you offer any guarantees or warranty?

Our plans and drawings are offered as is without any guarantee or warranty.  For most of our plan options, you are responsible for having the plans reviewed by a competent professional and obtaining the necessary permits and approvals for construction.

Our Site Specific Plan packages will be stamped and signed by a licensed architect and/or engineer and we will assist you in obtaining necessary permits and approvals for construction.