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Robert Bre

To anybody considering using DJA Architects.  I was referred to this company from my structural engineer.  He said they are a great firm. He was extremely right.

There are two phases to getting a condominium project approved. First is the building design, second is navigating the political process for approval. DJA Architects gave me a beautifully designed building, Tim listened to my design ideas. He truly brought them to life, he also gave me suggestions to improve on my vision, which were well received by the planning commission. The sign of a great architect. Secondarily, he navigated the political process like a true pro. My project turned out to be located next to one of the Oakland City Council members. As well designed as this project was, the council member decided to oppose my project. They pulled out all the stops and all their inside connections in an attempt to derail my project. Through two planning commission hearings and multiple site visits with the appellant and eventually the planning commission itself, Tim prevailed and my project was approved. There could be no bigger obstacles to approval than this project faced, and again we prevailed. Tim handled everything they threw at us with professionalism and a calm intelligence that I have not experienced with other firms that I have used in the past.

After this great experience, I will never use any other architectural firm. To date I’ve given them three more houses and look forward to long and profitable relationship with DJA Architects. An extremely happy client.

Robert Brecht

Owner of MT Diablo Construction and Development

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